About Us

We love this planet; we want to be part of creating a better world, now and for the future.  We provide our customers with the ability to communicate at a price that both they and the planet can afford

For us, it’s not just about reducing your communication costs and improving your service support.  It’s about removing every tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus reducing your mobile phone’s impact on the world.

To do this, we invest in carbon balancing projects that look to reduce the amount of CO2 that you are likely to generate over created by your mobile phone.  Your mobile contract with us will be more than just about improving your business; you will be protecting forests and biodiversity on the planet, as well as providing employment for many local poor communities that live in these areas. 

Our business mobile phone packages are about sustainable solutions that will set new communication standards, that look to make a genuine difference for our customers business; the environment and society as a whole.  Our sole aim is not to leave a mark in the sky.

Karl Sinclaire-Anderson  MD