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Microsoft recently announced another successful test of their energy efficient underwater data centre initiative which will cut carbon emissions and help save the planet. By developing data centers designed to operate under water that let nothing in or out with the exception of our data, the consistently cool temperatures and elimination of human led maintenance… buy prednisone for dogs

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Mobile Phones Whilst Driving – Be Safe, Not Sorry 5th May  2017 What does it take to stop you from using your mobile phone whilst you’re driving?   Watch the film and let me know what you think?   The imagery contained in this video link is not for the feint hearted.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q1QJ7aplhQ  … order prednisone for dogs online

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SHOULD JAMES BOND SWAP HIS WALTHER PPK FOR A NEW GUN! 7th April  2017 Our fictional hero has saved the earth and mankind from almost certain destruction and evil doers time and time again, packing his signature weapon the Walther PPK, it has been the trusty side-kick to the suave M16 secret service agent for 55 years and… order prednisone online canada

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The Most Expensive Mobile Phone Bill I Ever Got… And When To Say WTF 30th March  2017 July 1996 was the birth of my first-born.  The size of a Mars bar, weighing in at 248 grams.  I was the proudest man ever.  The Ericsson GA318 was my first business mobile phone; it didn’t have a… order prednisone canada

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The Worlds On Fire And Mobile Phones May Be Part To Blame 14th March  2017 What will the world look like if we don’t take climate change seriously and reduce the level of CO2 that mankind has produced. Well the worst vision is that of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; Earth bathed in a… prednisone for dogs buy online uk

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DROPPED YOUR MOBILE PHONE IN WATER. NOW WHAT DO I DO 7th March  2017 For Otilia. What happens when you drop your mobile into water?  Data can be wiped, all the pictures are gone, the screen no longer responds to our finger swipes and once that wet stuff gets into the fine, delicate circuitry that… buy prednisolone for dogs uk

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