Green Tips 2011 # 3…

17 January 2011



Sometimes it nice to get away from talking about mobile phones. So get yourself a rain barrel and collect rainwater from your roof awnings, garage roof as well. Use it for your garden.

Plants love it and you’ll be conserving water that could go to waste. And how about replacing some for your lawn for a wildflower meadow, they don’t require weed killers or fertilizers, but apart from that they are colorful, attract butterflies, birds, and bees.

You can create a garden that is driven by renewable energy sources, a garden that is not so wasteful, and most of all you’ll be doing something for your home, for the local fauna and wildlife and they’ll love you for it.  Gardens play a pivotal role in moving the eco-system along, it’s a proven fact that your garden helps in the battle against climate change.

that last visitor is getting endangered in certain parts of the country, bees are our buddies. So give them a hand if you can by planting Sunflowers, Rosemary and Lavender in your garden.