Green Tips June 2011 # 2...

27 June 2011


Green Tips June 2011 # 2

Where do you start?  How do you go about leading a greener life, it can all seem very daunting.  When you think of the issues of climate change and the size of the planet, you mustn’t look at it as if you're doing it all by yourself.

Just look at making subtle changes in your own life, small steps.  And it’s those ideas and practices of yours that can infect others around you, and given time you will see change.  And it’s only about making small changes that – how about consuming less?  For example, turning off your lights at home or around the office, this will not only reduce your electricity bill but you’ll be cutting down on your CO2 footprint.  Perhaps take a shower instead of bath and recycling your grey water will reduce your water bill.

If you have a garden, or an allotment what about growing your own fruit, or better still, how about walking to your local greener grocers and buying locally grown vegetables, fruit is just as good.  Whilst it’s not been proved that organic food is better for you, it’s produced using fewer chemicals, which means you’ll have less impact on the soil.

Cycling is fun; public transport can be extensive, cheap and quick now with bus lanes.  And of course there’s always walking if you’re not too far away.  There are plenty of benefits in living a greener life-style; it can be cheaper for one and lots of fun...