Samsung's New Green Mobile Phone…The Wave...

23 September 2011


Samsung's New Green Mobile Phone…The Wave

Samsung S8500 Wave, cute very cute, it comes with a 5 Megapixel camera and video capability, usual suspects such as a music player, a web browser with wifi capability and a GPS navigation facility.

This new 3G comes with Samsungs new Bada operating system, powered with a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, the Wave has the new much lauded Super Amoled screen which just makes its 3 inch screen light up.

And it has that fab auto rotation function which responds to the users movements.  Construction wise, Samsung have opted for what's called a unibody design which means it’s seamless, so look and feel wise it’s a very pretty well built phone weighing in at 118g.  And if you are unhappy with its memory you can boast it up to 2GB with a MicroSD card.

Which is good news as the phone comes with a bunch of preinstalled applications which cover a lot of ground and there’s easy access for your social media’s apps such as Twitter, Face book and MySpace etc. With a battery life of about 7 hours of talk time over 3G.

And last but not least this handset came in second place in O2’s eco mobile rating chart, not bad…