A Mobile Phone That Runs On Coke!

29 April 2012


A Mobile Phone That Runs On Coke

Well, in all of its 100 plus years history, I’m sure Coke-Cola has seen some things in its time, remember the story back in 1985, when diet, Coca Cola become the first fizzy drink drunk in space.  Its an out of this world drink alright.

Mobile phone manufacturers are looking at some very ingenious ways in how to make their mobiles greener.  Key to this; is how to use less energy when making a mobile phone call or charging up the phone.

So Chinese developer Daizi Zheng, using just Coke-Cola (or any sugary soft drink actually) and a modified Nokia phone, he created a kind of bio battery for it.  It can run for several hours; using enzymes to generate the electricity from the carbohydrates.  

The whole idea of this invention is based on the idea to design a environmentally pollution free device by using bio-batteries as an alternative design to conventional batteries.  Using a eco-battery is an ecologically friendly, power system that uses enzymes as the catalyst to create electricity from carbohydrates (sugar).  

In order to use the bio-battery as a power source for a mobile phone, all you need is a little bit of coca cola or sugary drink.  Then, once the battery has died you’ll notice that only Oxygen and H2O (water) will be remaining.  The great thing about bio-batteries is that they are absolutely biodegradable and have with just a single charge the potential life-span of three to four times longer than that of a the now conventional lithium battery.

Coke is it.