Charging Your Mobile Phone Using Solar Power...

Tuesday, 17 January 2011


Solar power is one of the most renewable and clean energy resources, it definitely has a place in the energy mix and solar-powered green mobiles are really standing out as the most effective for price and ease of use for users.  All you have to do is remember to turn the handset up with the solar cell towards the sun…Doh. 

As for a solar charger, there’s isn’t one that shines above the rest.  They all come at different prices and its all about differing charge rates.  There are stand-alone units for the office and portable ones, but most have an assortment of exchangeable plugs so that you can connect any model of mobile to them.

Usually, a solar charge of just 60 minutes with fairly good sunshine, will power your phone for about 100 minutes, which is great news when you’re in an emergency and you’re mobile is out of power.  That’s unless it’s at night of course.