Imagine A Bunch Of These Stuck To Your Window?

09 July 2012


Imagine A Bunch Of These Stuck To Your Window

I don't quite know what my boss would say if I had 10 or 20 of these stuck to our office window, but then perhaps if I explained the CO2 savings because of this amazing advice, then I think they'd let me off.  

Febot…fantastic you put a battery in the top of the device and within an hour or so, you will have charged the battery back up what with all that harvest free wind going on out there. If you live in Chicago these devices are a must.

The 3 Korean designers, Hwan-ju Jeon, Soon-young Yang and Ji-yun-Kim say it’s only a concept right now to help in making your mobile phone greener but their hopeful that its torpedo like shape and wings to match, will make charging a battery fun… AND CHEAP

Have they got one that fits my Blackberry?