Imagine Your Mobile Phone Made Out Of Nuts…

Friday, 01 June 2012


Imagine Your Mobile Phone Made Out Of Nuts

This is one of those stories that you'd have to be nuts to believe it.  We've heard about all sorts of products being used in the deisgn and creation of designing and building a mobile phone.  Grass, bamboo and now Nuts.  Maybe theres more to this than meets the eye.  

So on their way to creating greener mobiles for us to use, the NEC Corporation in the US, have just announced that its boffins have come up with a new kind of bioplastic made from cashew nut shells.  Which is why they are boffins I guess, as I can think of absolutely no use for a cashew nut shells but apparently they are high in cardanol.

The Japaneese corporation NEC have said that this new bio plastic is made from 70% out of cellulose and cardonal, the primary substance found in cashew nuts.  Hurrah, so now it’s not only a low cost natural material that is environmentally friendly, its a renewable resource (unlike oil) that's fully biodegradable.