Solar Lamp That Triples As A Torch, Lamp And Mobile Charger…

03 August 2012


Solar Lamp That Triples As A Torch, Lamp And Mobile Charger

Making your mobile phone green by using a renewable power source is one thing, but lets do it with style... And that’s exactly what designer Samuel Li of Albany, New York has done.  His stylish, stacked leaf lantern was designed with a world of uses in mind, one part energy efficient lighting programme stylish lamp for the home, one part torch and the last part, solar charger for your mobile phone and the best bit is once you have paid for it that’s it - as this baby is 100% solar powered.

How does it work, simple really, the segments unfold so that it can capture the rays of the sun and store the power for you.  Then as required, it unleashes the stored sun power as and when you need it.  And there are no valves and the likes in it either, as it’s packed with state of the art wireless induction technology so that you can have the power beamed over wirelessly to so you recharge your phone.  

You can use it at home, its one part torch, one part mobile phone charger and its all 100% powered by the sun.  A sort of beautiful egg-like lamp concept idea unfolds into layered segments around its central axis so that it can reveal its solar panels to the sun.  Stylish and nifty at the same time.