Swinging Battery Saves The Day...

09 September 2012



What I love about mobile phones, is all the ideas that are coming up to save power, get power, extend your battery life.  Well I wasn't there, but we’ve all heard of the swinging sixties, but a swinging battery?  That’s the plan, instead of all those nasty black cables and chargers left on your table burning the night away, designers Song Teaho and Hyejin Lee have come up with a battery that you can charge up by swinging it around on your finger.

Imagine your done to your last bar on your battery and about to make that all important call and then the screen vanishes completely, we’ve all been there.  Well, with the swing your battery to charge principle, you just put your finger inside the hole and spin it around.  It takes about 130 swings to top it up, which were informed will give you up to 2 minutes of talk time or 25 minutes standby.

It’s only a concept idea at present but it would certainly get you out of jail with being able to make that one last call.