The Auki Eco Mobile Phone...

Thursday, 31 May 2012



One day from now, maybe not to far in the future, bendable mobile phones or mobiles phones on your wrist, maybe just be as normal as a cup of tea.  Smartphones that can tell you a dozen things other than whose just called you.  Well, prepare to be amazed.  This has to be one of the most radical designs when it comes to a concept green mobile phone, but this latest design is offered up from LG - the ‘Auki’.

It’s a flexible bangle design that has to be worn like a watch around the wrist.  It many ways mobiles have replaced watches, so it’s a blend of the two designs.  The heart of its eco credentials is when this baby goes into standby mode - the screen becomes a solar panel collecting the suns rays and powers up your phone, very eco, very clever.

The Auki Smart Phone with its touchscreen surface and lined with a soft non-irritating fabric on the inside, it comes in a variety of styles and fashions that are customizable to each consumer. It does everything that a mobile can do, armed with Wi-Fi capability, it’s a personal trainer, a remote control and whilst it doesn’t have any storage capacity it uses cloud technology to store all your pics, flix, and the likes.

And as for cool, check this when you set up a reminder notification in your calendar, in the future they appear faded but as the day comes nearer the message reminder surface and become brighter, more visible, now that’s cool.