The Phillips Fluid Mobile Phone...

29 September 2012


The Phillips Fluid Mobile Phone

Do remember how radical it was when the 'Clam' design mobiles first came out?  And wasn’t the Nokia ‘Matrix’ mobile just the most iconic mobile phone you had ever seen, it did something, you pushed a button and it popped, so novel for its day?  Whenever you saw one, you just had to push the button to see the base part fly out!  Well the new Phillips Fluid smartphone reminds me of just one of those seminal moments when you see something for the first time and think 'my god!'

Brazilian designer DInard da Mata is at the heart of this bendy, stylish and sleek smartphone that can be worn around your wrist like a bracelet –  The Phillips Fluid Mobile. Its an eco mobile device that does everything.  The ‘Fluid’ sports a tiles based app menu, it has a sensor OLED hi-res display interface that takes the handset off into different directions for the user, as it can switch from a multi-media player, to a portable game console too and of course a mobile phone.

Wacky yes, but brilliant.  Absolutely, it’s a fusion of fashion and hi-technology, thank you Phillips for perhaps a vision of things to come.  This is the future, now.