Dance Charger For Your Mobile Phone...

25 January 2013


Orange has done it again, not content with the charging wellies for festival goers.  Here is something for all you people who like Ministry Of Sound, the latest offering from Orange in a renewable energy source that uses kinetic energy to make your mobile greener. 

Kinetic is about motion, how does it work well all your John Travolta moves.  The Orange Dance Charge is a lightweight portable mobile phone charger that is powered through the kinetic movement (that’s dancing to you and me) using a system of weighs and magnets, which move as you dance. The system’s all contained within a sort of arm band jogger-style MP3 arm strap, this also hold contains the storage battery for holding all the dance-generated energy.  And don’t worry it’s not the size of a car battery.

When your smart phone runs out of juice, you just connect it to the storage battery, presto…flame on.