Download and Make A Difference…

10 October 2013


Download and Make A Difference

We’ve all had Johanna Lumley or John Cleese on our mobile phone, but what about a Sub-Saharan Africa Lion? Thought not…Apps and ring tones seem to be a growing market.  A way of personlaizing your mobile phone, cheaply, simply and easily.

GreenTones are offering a true to life ring tone of environmental recordings captured from our Planet's vanishing habitats and cultures.

You can make your mobile phone just the wildest place on earth while giving back to nature and our earth's wildlife with GreenTones truetones. Make your ring tone sound like a Lion, a Gorilla or even a bottle nose Dolphin. Every time YOU download a GreenTone you are contributing to the conservation activities of WWF. Cool, quality tones that help our environment - it doesn't get any wilder than GreenTones.

GreenTones commits a portion of every GreenTones sold to the WWF (a damn good cause) in support of their global conservation efforts and to help protect our planet for future generations. When Nature Calls... answer it!