The More You Talk, The Longer Your Mobile Phone Battery Will Last…

11 December 2013


There are solar mobiles, wind-powered, wind up kinetic versions, even Yoyo powered mobiles.  So what other creative ways can be developed to power your mobile?  Well, some Korean scientists have come up with a novel idea… They have developed a way of charging your mobile by using the power of speech; making voice calls may be the key to a longer battery life in your mobile phone.

Scientists Young Jun Park and Sang-Woo Kim have developed a nano-based piezoelectric material that is capable of converting sound waves into electricity. I’m sure Edison got the same looks when he came up with some of his ideas, but then he did get it right most of the time.

Developed from wait for it...Calamine lotion, they hope to be able to reverse the process of sound into electricity and convert the electrical signals into sound.

Just as speakers transform electric signals into sound, this is the opposite process — of turning sound into a source of electrical power.  Sound power can be used for various novel applications including mobile phones that could be charged whilst having a conversation.

Anyhow, Young and Sang-Woo have created a field of nanowires using two electrodes. When the device was blasted with sound waves, they generated a mild electrical current of about 50 millivolts. Which is very low to what you actually need to charge a mobile phone, but it’s on its way.