Build Your Very Own Mobilephone - Fonekraft…

2December 2014


Build Your Very Own Mobilephone - Fonekraft

Since the middle of the 20th century and the early part of this millennium technology has been advancing at such a rate that it has lead to a digital revolution.  Things are changing so fast that no matter how much you spend on any electronic product or gadget, especially mobile phone, it becomes outdated in no time.

 Though software updates are common in smart phones and if your device supports certain update then your phone will be updated, but if any technological advancement is made in the hardware component of a smart phone then suddenly your phone becomes outdated.

To enjoy the benefit of the upgraded hardware component you have to buy the upgraded version of your own phone at a higher price, however an ingenious technology of modular smart phones has promised to give you an option of changing your hardware components.

Fonkraft, a new modular Smartphone by Indiegogo has interchangeable components which gives users a choice to customize or upgrade their phone like they do with their computers and cars.  Fonkraft comes with a base unit and other components like camera screen and CPU etc can be upgraded, it has android operating system and a 5 inch screen which can changed or upgraded without even going to the service center.

Also modular camera and other component means that to get better pictures and videos you can change your phone’s camera accordingly, also if you need a longer battery time to do some task then modular battery gives you an option to increase the power in your phone according to your requirements.

Switching the components is no rocket science and it can be done very easily, further if you are in a need of a better technology all you have to do is replace the part which needs upgrade.

However in May, Indiegogo pulled off Fonekraft without any proper kind of explanation and in August Google also delayed testing of its modular Smartphone program named Project Ara as far as 2016.  The main problems that these companies are facing is to restrict the size and cost of modular phones, and keeping all the technology and features that it has promised to deliver.  

But as these are the features every Smartphone user is craving for, we hope that these companies will succeed to make modular phones a delight.