Mobile Phones Made From Grass….No….Yes?

19November 2014


Mobile Phones Made From Grass….No….Yes?

Eco mobile phones are one of the necessities in the world of today. The reason being that people have actually realized how important it is to preserve the environment and make use of things which are environment friendly. Using the natural resources in a way which does not harm the environment is actually the motive of the Design Works, which is a highly innovative team of experts and is known to come up with some really interesting eco friendly mobile phone concepts.

Based on one of the innovative ideas from this team, they have come up with a high-tech iPhone which is going to be something great in the world of Greenermobiles. This phone is surely going to attract many people as the modern society want to contribute towards a healthy environment.

To your surprise, such green mobile phones will be made from the blades of the grass. The green grass that we see all around is going to be the major component of this phone and I think now you can start to imagine how it is going to be. The manufacturing of this innovative phone is going to happen in three phases which will start with freeze-drying followed by pulping process and them molding them into the required template.

This initiative by the Design Works is amazing and I am sure, many of us actually want to see such a phone in reality. This phone will initially be produced on a large scale for home use. If such a concept is successful, it is going to be a great thing for the whole world and people are surely going to demand them.

Such phones will allow us to make carbon free business mobile phone calls. It is going to be something really wonderful that we start using phones which will be made out of grass which is widely available all around us. Each and every concept by the team of Design Works is superb, which you might think is not feasible initially, but once you understand the entire process of making it, you will surely find it truly astounding.

Now, the green grass will not only beautify the area around but you will soon start using the phone made out of it. Now each of you will be eagerly waiting for such a phone which will have grass as the major component and once you see it, many of your queries will be answered.