Visit Amazon: Discover Nature’s Marvels And Wonders!

30October 2014


According to studies, some of the trees in the Amazon are more than 300 years old, and some trees over 1000 years old, suggesting that unscathed forests can experience incredible growth and longevity. But human activities such as intense deforestation that started in the 20th century, has caused deforestation on 587,000 square kilometres till the year 2000. Most of the deforested land is used for agriculture and raising livestock.

The development of transport routes to these areas had lead to greater deforestation for creating settlements. After years of lessened human impacts, loggers have now begun to cut away this forest further, and according to scientists, at this rate, the Amazon rainforest is believed to get diminished by 40% in the next two decades. Reduced forest means less rain, a problem that may worsen and dry out the world's largest remaining rainforest.

What makes the Amazon a must visit destination?

A trip to the Amazon Jungle gives you the opportunity to meet some of the world’s most remarkable and exotic birds and animal’s species in their natural habitat. Home to bullet ants, Jaguars, capuchins, piranhas, tarantulas, this is one destination you do not want to miss out! Amazon is also home to indigenous folks whose ways of living are way different from those who live in the modern world.

Amazon rainforests visits give you opportunities for a cultural exchange, adventure, indulging in activities such as fishing, camping, cruising, hiking, bird watching and wildlife and photography.

A visit to this dense forest gives you the opportunity to experience some marvellous scenery and breathtaking landscapes which include the vast mountain ranges, giant rivers and beautiful coral reefs. However, taking a trip to the Amazon is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rainforests can be hot and humid, difficult to reach and are often insect-infested, and though it has an extensive wildlife they are often hard to spot.