Greener mobiles a complete business communications service

Business is about communication; delivering the benefits of your products and services to your customers in the clearest, fastest most eco-friendly possible manner.  The problem is customers don’t always follow the rules.  So, you need to change the rules, choose a phone that helps customers contact you.

So, what’s the solution?

At Greenermobiles.com, we can offer you ‘Horizon Cloud’ a complete cloud-hosted communication platform, as versatile as your Smartphone.  Horizon keeps you in touch with your customers from an office-based handset, tablet, Apps to any device or desktop.  A business-ready phone system that puts the flexibility back into your business, to truly service your customer’s needs.

Cloud Communication - The control you crave.

  • Horizon Cloud is suitable for any sized business that wants to move forward 24/7
  • Work from home, or on the move, flexible working is now a reality
  • Simple and affordable compatibility with your business computer systems and software
  • Save money, work smarter, comprehensive solutions with flexible contract terms
  • Cloud communication a more environmentally friendly choice

Because greening your communication is how we do business.

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