greener alternative to mobile phone contracts for everyone

We love this planet.  We want to be part of creating a better world, now and for the future.  We provide our customers with the ability to communicate at a price that both they and the planet can afford.

For us it’s not just about reducing your communication costs and improving on your service support – it’s also about removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and thus reducing your mobile phone’s impact on the world.

Mobile phones use some of the rarest minerals in the world.  From digging them up, their collection, to manufacture, marketing and delivery all around the world, to their daily use constantly downloading from servers and network exchanges.  With just two hours use a day of a mobile phone, that equates to about two tonnes of CO2 generated a year.  And with over 7 billion mobile phones on the planet, you can see that there is an environmental impact to owning a mobile phone.  

We have been warming up our world and it’s having a consequence on everything around us.   I for one would like to be a part in cutting down on the CO2 I create and reducing the impacts of climate change.

At Greenermobiles.com our sole aim is not to leave a mark in the sky!  Or a dent in your pocket. 

And we live by that, in every aspect of our business.  We are passionate about protecting the Earth, it’s the only one we have.  And we would like to pass on that passion to you about cutting down on every tonne of CO2 your mobile might create.  The less CO2, then the less climate change, the less damage.  And as we always say, polar bears will love you for it.

We’re here to help choose the right systems for your business.

Our greener communication packages are about sustainable solutions that we believe will set new standards in how you do business.  We hope to make a genuine difference to your business and to that of your customers, to the environment, and to society as a whole.  

We’ll make sure your mobile phones don’t cost the Earth


Karl Sinclaire-Anderson  MD