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From our early days, Greenermobiles.com have been specialising in sustainable and environmentally friendly mobile phones and contracts for personal and business use. As one of the UK’s foremost green and ethical mobile phones and contracts suppliers, we specialised in getting you a new contract with a mobile phone network and supplying you with a ‘green’ mobile phone – we made sure that your communication footprint is as green as we could make it.

We’ll get hundreds of satisfied customers the best mobile contract deal going and it will be green, how? Here’s how we used to do it:

Today more than ever, each of us has to think about what we can do to look after the Earth and its natural resources. At Greenermobiles.com we look to encourage our customer to live a greener lifestyle as well as saving them money and helping the environment.

By choosing an environmentally friendly phone and contract we are not asking you to give up on the quality standards that you expect from any of the networks, we would just like to help you to be environmentally responsible in your choice of mobile phone.

Our aim is to provide the very best green mobile phone contracts. We look to provide a service that is second to none. To do this we operate independently of all the networks, providing you with a green mobile that will surpass your needs.

We cannot ask you to cut down your resource usage if we do not look at our own, so we do as much as we can to reduce our own energy consumption; from how we ship your handset to you, send you information (only ever by email), to simple things like turning down the energy settings on our computers, to how we get to the office (most of us by bike), even down to the people that supply us our goods and services…. We look at how ‘green’ they are, so that we can live up to our brand name.”

Choosing a green mobile phone contract with Greenermobiles made worldly sense.”

Greenermobiles.com’s previous ownership

In just a few easy steps, you could have obtained a contract with Greenermobiles.com.

• Fill in the application form with a few details.

• We will call you and confirm your details with you

• On approval we will send you green mobile phone that’s good for you and the environment

Greenermobiles.com former operating procedure

Now things are a little different, We are under new management, but the goal remains the same where possible. We still like to keep it green, though we realise there are a few things we can improve and seek to do so incrementally.

Our aim now is to keep you up-to-date with the most important environmental news stories as well as bringing you the best environmental products to help you run the most environmentally friendly household possible.


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