Buy green, environmentally friendly phone accessories.

Accessories are the best way to personalise your mobile phone and we’ve been doing it since the days of phone charms we used to attach. That was the time phones had batteries that lasted weeks without being charged and when dropped would just bounce off the concrete with no ill effects.

Now, the phones we have are ‘smart’ and as the smartphone has developed, it has become more fragile and beautiful year on year. The most popular accessories nowadays are mobile phone cases, followed closely by screen protectors.


Here at, we have a nice selection of mobile phone cases you can take a look at. We promote environmentally friendly and sustainable mobile phone cases to keep your lifestyle green.

Have a look at our curated list of eco friendly mobile phone cases.

Screen Protectors

It’s not so easy to find screen protectors that are environmentally friendly, especially since it can be difficult to recycle them at the end of their life. For that reason, we’d discourage them and suggest a great case that offers protection for the screen also. At least if they can be made from recycled material as much as possible, then that’s a huge positive.

Screen protectors are available for both Android and iOS phones. This screen protector comes with a box for easy installation onto the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S22 or S22+HD.

The five best screen protectors have been evaluated by Best Reviews.

You could also jump on Amazon to get a good screen protector.


Inner ear or can style headphones are great accessories for the modern smartphone. If they come manufactured from recycled gold and cobalt etc, then even better.

The best iPhone headsets can be found here.

Here are some wireless in-ear buds that look very stylish and can be attached to your phone via Bluetooth.

Just in case you’re unsure, this is how to connect Bluetooth headphones to any device.

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