CarbonDiem By TravelAI Ltd


CarbonDiem By TravelAI Ltd

Travel creates about a third of all the world’s carbon emissions. Do you know what makes up your transport footprint? CarbonDiem makes sense of your movements to show you your carbon emissions from transport and calories burned by walking and cycling. And it’s all automatic. Just take your phone with you and it will figure out whether you’re travelling by foot, road, metro, rail or air.

You can see a diary of your travel on the phone, make any corrections or edits, and see how the different types of transport make up your travel footprint.

How does it work? It looks at your speed, location and pattern of movement for clues that give away how you’re travelling. From that and the distance you’ve travelled, it can work out the carbon emissions using UK government standards.

And it’s totally private because your location and route never leaves the phone (unless you opt in to our improvement programme in the settings, or have been asked to join by your employer). Fully functional in Europe (elsewhere air and road travel)

User Tips:

* Edit your travel history by clicking the icons in the ‘Travel List’ screen
* Add journey legs by clicking the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the ‘Travel List’ screen
* Swipe left or right to see different charts on the ‘Compare’ screen
* Tap the icons in the legend to show or hide transport modes on the ‘Compare’ screen
* CarbonDiem still works even without data roaming. so it won’t add any of those nasty data bills while you’re abroad.
* Battery usage is increased, but we hope it’s less than you expect