ecoChange By TACOTY JP uho


ecoChange By TACOTY JP uho

When the battery is low, simply touch the icon to switch eco mode 「ON/OFF. In eco mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, backlight, sound mode, vibration mode and synchronization will all be OFF. This can easily reduce battery consumption. (You can customize your own OFF menu!) Compared with similar applications, this one is very simple and straightforward! Everyone can set it easily! Using this application, you can enjoy the most comfortable life of your smartphone!


* Display the remaining battery.
* Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, backlight, sound mode and synchronize can be all OFF at once.
* Eco mode can be customized.
* Accurately monitor the status of the phone battery so that you can adjust the battery usage.
* Three distinctive battery models.
* Two different widget styles. Without launching the app, just touch a button on the home screen, battery-saving mode will be started immediately.


In order to improve this app, your kind cooperation of the feedback will be highly appreciated. Please send your problem report and suggestions to "". Please also let us know your phone model and Android version. We might need additional information to resolve the problem, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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