FuelGood – Energy Saving Trust by the Energy Saving Trust Transportation


FuelGood – Energy Saving Trust By the Energy Saving Trust Transportation

Energy Saving Trust estimates that you could save up to 2 month’s worth of fuel yearly by driving efficiently. Use the FuelGood app to track your fuel efficiency and the potential savings you could make by using our fuel-efficient driving tips.

The FuelGood app allows you to choose your car type, car age and engine size. It tracks your journeys and gives you an estimate of the savings you make if you are driving efficiently. FuelGood uses GPS to track your position along your journey and calculates an estimated saving on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for your car against the average values for a driver in your car category.

Within the Journey List section of the app, you can select different journeys to compare your savings over similar distances and to see how you are progressing.

There is also a Tips section for help on improving your fuel-efficient driving.