Hudson Canyon Atlantic Marine Sanctuary

Joe Biden’s White House recently proposed the creation of a marine sanctuary in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nwe York that will safeguard a seabed location called the Hudson Canyon

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Kenya’s New Green Sckyscraper

The CBK Pension Towers have just been opened in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi to critical acclaim over its beautiful aesthetics and green features. After four years of work, the beautiful Central Bank of Kenya Pension Towers, also known as the CBK Pension Towers, were opened by Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday. Watch the moment President Uhru… Continue reading Kenya’s New Green Sckyscraper

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Ethical Apps

Make sure you’re spending your money in the right places. Especially is the fashion world, it can be hard to know if the company we’re throwing our cash at really has the welfare of our planet at its heart. Ethical Barcode This American based app boasts over 60,000 data points that it uses to see… Continue reading Ethical Apps

Carbon Tracking Apps

Use a carbon calculator to predict your carbon usage then use these carbon trackers to get an idea of what you’re actually contributing to atmospheric CO2 levels. MyEarth – Track carbon savings This app was developed by researchers and students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology. It’s a simple app which allows you… Continue reading Carbon Tracking Apps

Clean Apps

Litterati Providing The World’s Litter Data Empowering people to create a cleaner planet by turning information into actionable insight. Clean Swell Clean Swell® trash collection mobile app Join a global movement to keep beaches, waterways and the ocean trash free. Head out to your favorite beach and use the app to easily record each item… Continue reading Clean Apps