6 Ways To Reduce A Smartphone’s Carbon Footprint

carbon footprint

How many of these six mobile phone technologies does your smartphone use? If you do have these at your disposal, your phone’s carbon footprint will surely be reduced.

carbon footprint

Efficient Aerial Technology

More for your mobile phone manufacturer, but if they really want to make your phone eco friendly and reduce your smartphone’s carbon footprint, using efficient aerial technology will really help.

Back in the day when MediaG3 and Aerius launched their revolutionary patented mobile antennas throughout the world, we were excited!  Aerious a US based company produce high performance mobile phone engineering and product design and won the Frost & Sullivan Green technology award for wireless technologies in 2009.

So what’s so special about their aerials?  It’s all in the design, Aerius equipped phones can deliver up to 2 to 4 more hours of battery life, increase your handsets range, whilst at the same time reducing the frequency of dropped calls by over 60%.  So if your battery lasts longer, then you don’t have to charge as much, hurrah less carbon generated into the atmosphere.

Plus, there’s an extra plus.  After the production of a mobile phone, the next amount of high carbon production is in the use of a mobile.  Making calls creates carbon, so with better aerial technology the antennae masts which send you your signal will work more efficiently which helps cut down on their emissions by almost 50% so it’s a win win situation.

Use A Carbon Neutral Network

Mobile phone usage really adds up over our total population. All that data we’re exchanging with cell towers and of course to make a call. But who actually makes real voice calls nowadays? I’m sure we’re all using just WhatsApp or Skype or Zoom, right?

Check out some green mobile phone networks and swap over as soon as your contract is up.

Recharge Using Renewable Energy

Switch to a renewable energy supplier and you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re not pumping a load of CO2 into the atmosphere. Switching can be easier than you think and if you have solar panels on your roof, you can power your phone yourself and sell back any excess to a (preferably) 100% green energy provider.

Turn Off Mobile Data

By turning off mobile data, your phone will use less energy so you need to charge it less. Also it won’t be communicating with the network so much and save energy there. Less waste equals more green energy to share around with everyone.

Turn Down Screen Brightness

The advent of the smartphone is when we really saw battery life plummet. We don’t advocate living in the dark ages, so turning down the brightness on your smartphone is one way to save energy whole making good use of the latest technology. Okay you got us, reducing screen brightness is kinda returning you to the dark ages. Anyway, reduce screen brightness thus reducing the need to charge so often thus reducing the amount of energy you use powering your smartphone.

Use Dark Mode In Apps

Maybe one up on reducing screen brightness world be to use dark mode. There’s black Google search, an idea that seems to have caught on with the actual Alphabet company who now do this on some smartphone searches. Seems totally random, but we use Ecosia now anyway.