Alfred Dunhill Solar Charger

It doesn’t get much more stylish than Dunhill’s harnessing of solar energy as an attractive addition to the great and the good.

As the Earth’s reserves for fossil fuels dwindle, everyone is on the look out to develop alternative ways to generate energy.  Solar energy is one way of charging your mobile phone and making it greener.  Stylish designers Alfred Dunhill have turned their eye for luxury into creating a very unique eco gadget and have developed their very own solar-powered flip open mobile phone charger, the Dunhill Portable Solar Charger.

Using state of the art technology and materials such as aerospace aluminium with a beautiful brushed silver surface in a carbon fiber effect chassis.  This is an item to be seen with.  It even has a push button ‘power halo’ that tells you how much energy you have left.  And if you’re being dogged by a grey day, you can charge it up using your PC via a USB.  It can power your mobile for about 70 hours in standby.