Apple Campus 2 The Greenest Building Ever

Apple green campus solar panels
Apple green campus solar panels

Apple has laid claim to its new Head Quarters building, namely Apple Campus 2, being the greenest office building of all time. In this moment, so many organisations are looking to be more environmentally friendly and office space is surely one way to help achieve this.

Other Eco Freindly Offices

Many leading companies around the world claim that their offices are green, environment friendly, etc. Some of the other offices which fall under this category are

  • Powerhouse Kjorbo
  • Deloitte Headquarters
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • The Co-operative Group Headquarters
  • The Bullitt Center
  • NuOfffice

Every eco-friendly building has some unique feature which makes them popular in the world. The companies invested in developing them have started to contribute towards a healthier and greener environment by making their office energy efficient by using renewable sources of energy.

Out of all these buildings, the Apple Campus 2 building, which will be operational in 2016, will be the greenest building on the campus. The description of the campus is exciting but until it opens, we cannot say much. Once operational however, we’re confident this eco-friendly building will prove to the world that high levels of water and energy efficiency are achievable.

Powered By Renewable Energy

Tim Cook talked about Apple’s new HQ building at a Climate Week Conference which was held in New York. The company will try to make use of renewable sources of energy to fulfill the energy demands of the building and will plant around 7,000 trees so as to create a green environment all around. Also, there will be a lot of focus on the use of recycled materials in Apple Campus 2.

Any company which has a green campus will prove to be popular all over the world, setting an example for others. We all know that there is a need for people to think of different ways to protect the environment. Setting up an eco-friendly building is one of the best ways to preserve our environment and we’re certain that more and more companies are likely to follow.

If Apple claims it to be the greenest building on the planet, then we will all have sky-high. Once the building is actually open, only then can we judge exactly how environmentally friendly it is. We trust the brand and so, we expect something truly amazing from the company.

Apple Campus 2 Design Plans

There are various design plans which are being considered by Apple for this new eco-friendly building. The cement which will be used in Apple Campus 2 will be fetched in a unique way. The old cement will be recycled and used in the construction of the new building. The renewable source of energy which will be used has still not been disclosed, but it is expected that it will be either solar or wind. Also, the building will have natural ventilation, reducing the need for air conditioning.

We can’t wait for 2016 so we can finally see what this building is going to be like.