Ban Carbon Emissions

chlorofluorocarbon molecules

We should ban carbon emissions if we’re to have any chance of saving our planet. Sure, give everyone some time to adapt to the change, but if we’re serious about saving our planet, we need to kick some serious butt into gear ASAP.

Remember CFCs?

Remember campaigns against Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) throughout the 90s? CFCs include carbon as well as chlorine, and fluorine. These are examples of gasses that have no natural source, but have been created by humans and contribute significantly to climate change.

chlorofluorocarbon molecules

It was identified that CFCs posed an imminent threat and instead of thinking of ways to offset their negative impacts, we acted so stop them being released into the atmosphere.

Because CFC use has now been banned by around 200 countries worldwide, they should no longer pose an ongoing threat to the climate.

Ban Carbon Now

Why don’t we just ban carbon emissions? Give everyone the benefit of the doubt over current emissions, but form 2025, emissions either stay the same, or they come down. From 2030, everyone’s carbon emission’s absolutely must be reduced.

Why sit back and allow especially huge companies to continually laugh in the face of our beautiful planet who is telling them it’s dying?

We must take action and ban carbon now as by the time this disaster forces us to act, it will be too late.

Check how much carbon you use and play your part in saving the planet.