Seven Ways To Be A Sustainable Festival Goer

Still want to enjoy festivals, but are wary of destroying the very environment you love? Living a green lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up oneverything we love, so check out these great way to be a sustainable festival goer. Put them into practice and you’ll be helping mother earth to be the best version of herself.

festival crowd

Check out these 7 great tips if you want to have a positive impact on the environment and still have fun at festivals.

Recharge Devices Using Solar Energy

Bring your own solar charger and charge your mobile phone so you don’t rely on fossil fuel generators provided at the festival.

There may be power available at your festival, but most generators use diesel to make the electricity. Electric generators are essential now to provide a great festival experience. The electric generators might also be used 24hrs a day because today’s festival goers like you need to charge devices need to do that around the clock. Most likely it’ll be in the early hours (if you remember) after a huge blowout or during the morning while you sleep.

solar energy sign

Recharge Devices Using Kinetic Energy

If you’re at a festival, you’re probably going to be moving, right? There’s technology out there that can harvest the energy you create from movement which is known as kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy can be a great way to charge your phone without those dirty electricity generators and even without solar power. There is technology that lets you dance your way to 100% using battery charging wellies. If you go this route, your energy will still be dirty, but that dirt will be the from the mud on your wellies.

Bring a Huge Battery Pack

Even better than finding power to recharge your electronics at the festival is to bring a battery pack capable of keeping them charged.

If you use a renewable energy supplier, then charging up a massive capacity battery pack at home that will last you several charges to get you through a whole festival is the way to go. Because you’ve saved all that solar/wind/hydro electricity in your battery pack, you’ll be releasing zero emissions as you swipe away on your mobile device.

Take Public Transport

Preferably something with zero emissions and powered by renewables as much as possible. If not, travelling with a group of friends rather than all individually will chip away at what would have been a much worse carbon footprint.

public transport train

Use Sustainable Food Packaging

Where possible, buy from food stalls that use recycled and recyclable food packaging. Just ask them if theirs is sustainable before you buy or research from vendor information on the festival’s website. Reduce the popularity of singe-use plastics the help the environment at home and abroad.

Clean up After Yourself

The best thing we can do as human beings is to leave the environment we occupy in the same state as we found it.

Cleaning up after yourself is something you probably already do, but so many people in Britain don’t bother with. Make sure the sustainable food packaging you’ve used is put into the correct recycling bin. Anything else you use that may not be recyclable must be put into the nearest waste bin. Nobody wants to witness scenes resembling the armageddon just because a few thousand festival goers would rather dump their rubbish instead of putting it in the bin.

Share This List With Everyone

We all have a part to play and by sharing these seven tips with everyone you know, you give everyone the chance to be as environmentally concious as you are.

Even if they don’t do everything on this list, if whoever you share this list of festival tips with does just one or two things, you’ll have done your part to make the world a nicer place to live. Oh and thanks to the green energy, they’ll also avoid scrambling around for a power socket because their phone has dropped to 3% battery.

So that’s how you can be a sustainable festival goer in just 7 simple steps. Let us know any other tips you think we should add to the list.