Being environmentally friendly shouldn’t equal being ripped off

We remember a few things in life that seem to show when you are tried to do the right thing and trying to do something good for the environment or others around you, it always seems to come at a higher price.

Okay we understand there are things known as economies of scale that mean that when things are done in the minority then it’s gonna be a bit more expensive. Paragraph bar at the same time, it’s not about trading all of the money how in the world In order to take a stand. You should be able to affect a decent level of service.

Eating a more vegetarian diet used to and still does cost more than a regular meat-eating that. It’s crazy to think that all of their extra animal Corti and things like that or have resulted in much cheaper food. The sake of milk where farmers are pressured into producing more and more and more for less money seems to have provided the perfect economy of scale to provide milk that is so cheap that we can’t give it up. And because we can’t give it up, there is no reason or incentive for anything in the industry to change.

It’s me stings like all types of oat milk or Allman milk et cetera I don’t always make the cat. Of course, they also have their own environmental impact especially with the demand and water for example, but things like soya milk are probably comparatively nutritious to milk and don’t cause huge environmental damage to make.

SAP Green a also got burned. We identity into an agreement with I will push the company that was proudly or is it proudly carbon neutral. So they’re green and environmentally friendly, but the service they provide isn’t necessarily as slick as are the services that they would offset the carbon missions.

They were inefficient on the technical side of things, the business wasn’t really set up to be scalable which is really important but go over and mentally friendly, so we stuck with them. The thing that really made a big difference was that not only were their prices slightly higher than regular hosting companies, in fact they were maybe three times higher for use that we didn’t really have, they also charged separately for standard items that I needed to run a website.

A little more on the technical side, but basically, the added expense of the basic postage Posten package and then also extra expense on top of that to enable us to run our website and extra charges on top of that to be able to have email accounts whereas it’s really easy and simple with other horse who may not be environmentally friendly to do those things.

We fully understand the offsetting carbon emissions cost money, but when we spoke to our consultants, we could be understood that this is basically us being ripped off. Perhaps one of the problems they had was that they weren’t operating at scale and they didn’t operate efficiently internally in the business and automate things. That may very well have been a big factor in them needing to charge for absolutely everything, like a Ryanair flight or an EasyJet flight.

The point of always saying here is that just because something is green, doesn’t mean that you persist with it and spend extra money that you may not have just for the sake of being green. Make the changes that you can make whenever you make a choice to make sure it’s a green one and it’s a better one but by the same token, we can’t be expected to make the ultimate sacrifice as end customers.