Best Environment Saving Transport Options

Check the best environment transport options and see which one works best for you and saves the environment.


The original and still the best, if you can walk more, you’ll have much less impact on the environment.


Leg power whose only emissions come from your breath. Well, that’s after the manufacture of the frame and connected parts that is. One important question: how much carbon to make a bicycle? Well, it’s about 96kg of CO2. But apparently, big bike firms don’t really track their environmental impact.

You can even charge your mobile phone as you cycle, making it a great environment saving multitasker.


Can be hydrogen powered, but they move a lot of people short distances within cities and sometimes longer distances, but their main environment-saving power comes from getting single occupancy gas-guzzling cars off the road.


Due to the number of people they can transport, going by train is a very competitive environmentally friendly way to travel medium to long distances.

Hybrid vehicle

Your hybrid car could use carbon re-captured fuel which in the end is carbon neutral. If you can combine this with charging your hybrid vehicle with electricity from a renewable energy provider, you’re definitely onto a winner.

Electric Vehicle

We looked at electric vehicles as being the saviour of the planet. When we say ‘we’, we mean the consensus of media outlets and the general public not in the know about environmentally friendly technologies. The Electric vehicle market has to be the most greenwashed industry in the world. An electric vehicle powered by fossil fuel and made using materials that are toxic to the environment, are difficult to recycle and destroy the environment during extraction.

Which mode of transport do you think is best for you and environmentally friendly? Maybe avoid an electric vehicle and grab a bicycle. The range is probably the same anyway!