Best Four Green Ways To Charge Your Phone

Here are the best four green ways to charge your phone if you care about the environment. Even though this technology isn’t widely available, it is possible and limited numbers of phones and many concept phones have used this technology to charge phones using green energy.

Charge With Sound

There is the possibility to charge a mobile phone using your voice. Just like speakers change electricity into sound, you can do exactly the opposite and change sound waves into electricity via a microphone.

If you like to talk a lot, then this technology can help increase talk time even if it can’t improve standby time. Young Jun Park and Sang-Woo Kim developed a nano-based piezoelectric material that is capable of converting sound waves into electricity. Sounds crazy, but it would be a great battery saving edition to make phones more green.

The Korean scientists worked on a field of nanowires using two electrodes that allow soundwaves hitting them to generate a mild electrical current of about 50 millivolts. That’s really low if you want to get a decent charge but as technology develops, it becomes more efficient.

Charge With Solar Power

Charging your phone with Solar power is probably the greenest and most practical green ways you can do it. There have been several concept phones with solar charging included. There are also a lot of solar charging power banks for mobile phones that can be used to top up your battery. We also recommend that you use a renewable energy provider and if you do, they could use solar power to supply the electricity you use to charge your phone.

Thinking specifically about solar chargers, there’s not going to be one that is significantly better than the other options. There are actually stand alone units which can be used at home or in your office and the portable ones. Either they come with many different cables for all the phone types out there, or they have a standard USB outlet port you can plug in to.

You can expect a solar charge of just 60 minutes in fairly good sunshine to power your phone for about 100 minutes, which is great news when you’re in an emergency and you’re mobile is out of power. But then is that only like three percent from zero? Might as well be charging with that solar charger at night. It can take a bit of time for the charge to be really significant, but the point is also to charge the power bank before you need it for a full charge. So it can build charge all day, then pump that energy back into your phone when you’re not using it at night.

Charge With Your Body

There’s a great charging technology that turns you into the opposite of Tony Stark. Whereas Ironman has a power source plugged into his heart that keeps him alive, your phone will be plugged into you and be kept alive by your heart.

The solution comes through a form of flexible nanogenerator, using bio-implantable sensors made from flexible super thin ceramic piezoelectric materials. The sensors capture the beating of your heart and convert it into electrical energy.

So the theory goes that you will be able to plug your mobile into your own body and use the non-polluting energy of your body to make your phone calls. Unless we get into how your food is produced, going vegan and recycling of human waste. This is, I’m sure we’ll get to that level of detail at some point!

Charge With Movement

Charge up using a pair of wellies, rubber boots that turn kinetic energy from walking into a power source for your mobile phone. Charge in the middle of a field, or waiting in a queue to see your favourite band or even in the search for a suitable portaloo.

Heat is collected in the power generating Wellington boots and converted into electricity. Inside the sole are thermoelectric modules between two thin ceramic wafers. Then, as your foot pushes giving pressure and warmth from one side and the cold earth pushes from the other, energy is generated through the Seebeck Effect and your phone will charge.

How Do You Want To Charge Your Phone?

Sound, solar power, your body and movement are the best four green ways to charge your phone. Maybe we don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to these green ways to charge your phone, but if you had the choice between manufacturers who offered these methods, which would you choose? Solar power is definitely one way we can realistically charge our phones using solar chargers at least, but how about charging with wellies? If we could use shoes or trainers to charge our phones, that would be fab!