Best Renewable Energy Suppliers UK

A list of the best renewable energy suppliers to the UK grid. Join up with one of these energy suppliers and help us make the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy.

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Green Energy UK

Power sources: anaerobic digestion, solar, wind, biomass, hydro

Also known as GEUK, Green Energy (UK) Ltd are based in Hertfordshire and offer a nice selection of power sources to keep you going. Not only electricity, they also offer biogas produced through anaerobic digestion. The solids left over can be used as fertiliser, making their gas 100% green…maybe because it leaves the brown substances behind?

Octopus Energy

Power sources: solar, wind, hydrogen

Actually, Octopus Energy offset their customers’ use of gas, so not as good as Green Energy UK, but that’s still an immense undertaking. They also pay customers with solar panels for extra energy they generate and add that power to the greater network. An example of how many people contributing a small amount can make a big difference.


Power sources: solar, wind, hydro

With their green leaf on Ecosia’s search results, we know that Bulb are an organisation that has been assessed by ecological labels to ensure they really are sustainable. This is an extra level of validation the other companies don’t yet have, making Bulb the best choice. Leave the best till last, right?

Energy Supply Choices

These are what we believe are the best renewable energy supplier choices on the market in the UK right now.

Which one do you think would be best for your needs? We’d lean Towards Bulb, as it seems they are more invested in making sure their own use of resources is also eco friendly and have been recognised by leading green organisations for their efforts.

Blast your carbon emissions by choosing a green energy supplier!