Black Google, Green Search

So apparently, back in the day, there was a black search engine designed to save power, making your phone greener.

Black Google Mobile search saves battery power, loads faster, uses less bandwidth which saves money, reduces eye strain and looks awesome! Give your battery a break by searching with Black Google, developed by Search Ninja.

A group of developers worked on a dark version of Google so you could save your battery by just doing all of your searches through their website. Previously known as, you can now find the Black Google project at they were regarded as being the first dark version of the popular search engine back in 2011.

Independent Search Engine

Their results are actually ‘enhanced by Google’ and they don’t deliver an exact copy of Google results, so Black Google by Search Ninja are actually a credible independent search engine at this stage. actually comes with a choice of colours: pink, purple, black (of course), blue, orange, green, red and yellow. In addition to the extra colours, there are also a variety of countries and languages you can search in too.

Power Saver

According to Search Ninja, “[m]ost display technologies consume more power displaying the color white than the colour black. For most screen types the brightness is proportional to battery use and displaying all white backgrounds draws more power as it is an energy intensive color.” So basically, if we can use more energy efficient screen colours, we can save battery power.

Not only does dark mode save power, it also saves your eyes. Especially at night, setting your background to dark with light text gives your eyes a rest. If you haven’t tried it, do it today and it will change your life forever. Thankfully, more and more apps (on smartphone and PC) are offering a dark mode, helping you save power and your eyes.

It’s a bit of a stretch to say we’d also be saving the planet, but every little helps as the supermarket says. If we charge our phones less, that’s less energy used and if that helps our batteries to last longer, that’s fewer batteries we need to recycle.  

So you can see people have been thinking dark mode saves battery power and worked to create apps what make smartphones work in dark mode. Just a few years ago, Google confirmed that dark mode does actually save battery life.

Black Google An Example to Follow

It’s great to see Google actually now automatically turns some of their search results dark on iPhones as we can see in this image below. Although not specifically a search app, you can check out our list of environmentally friendly smartphone apps to see what other gems there are that can help you save battery power or live a greener life.

Go black, go green.