Brighton Bans Disposable Barbecues

Our home town of Brighton is set to ban the use of disposable barbecues on the beach.

Good riddance we say, since they pose a serious risk to wildlife if not disposed of properly, and even a fire risk when put into litter bins while still warm.

Rather than a total ban on beach barbecues, which can be really popular in summer, the idea is to outlaw this specific type of barbecue. Its disposable nature definitely goes against the idea of living sustainably.

“I get extremely angry when I see shops selling barbecues. Maybe we should expand our accreditation scheme and stop shops that are near the seafront from selling them. There are stacks and stacks of them in some of the little newsagents,” said Labour councillor Carmen Appich.

The decision to consider a ban on beach barbecues was taken at a Brighton & Hove virtual council committee meeting on Tuesday 16th March 2020.

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