Brilliant New Eco Charger On The Market

Just as we thought it would be impossible to reinvent the wheel, it has been done.   IDAPT has created the i1 Eco dual Universal Charger.   What’s more, it does exactly what it says on the box.  The i1 Eco is made of recycled materials, meets Energy Star standards, and minimizes the user\’s carbon footprint while charging most electronic devices.   Plus, no chemical painting was used during the manufacturing process in order to ease the process of future recycling, hurrah says Mother Earth!

The IDAPT i1 Eco is sexy to look at and clever enough to be able to be used, not only by all mobile phones, but, by all of your mobile entertainment devices too.

It has two ports of charge; a USB port and a tip port.   The tip port allows you to change the tips according to the device that needs charging.   The IDAPT i1 Eco can be used in both the home/workplace and in a car. Better still, when i1 Eco is not in use, it switches itself off automatically, thus conserving energy.

It’s compatible with more than 4,000 different devices including the iPhone, the iPad as well as BlackBerry\’s, Nintendo PSP’s, XBOX controllers, GPS systems and Bluetooth products.  This brilliant, must-have piece of kit comes to the market place in the spring, so watch out for it.

What a clever green idea the i1 Eco is!

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