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If you want to buy business mobiles in Brighton, this is certainly the place to come. Check out our list of business mobile phone suppliers in Brighton and choose the best one for your needs.

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Sure, if you want If you want a green mobile phone or business mobile phone in Brighton then this is definitely the best place to start. That’s why you’re on this website right now isn’t it? So if you want a green a mobile phone that allows you to love your mobile phone and the planet at the same time, then come and check out’s green mobile phone selection.

We are able to service a wide variety of businesses and those businesses can be of a small and medium size. We have people down to individuals who own a business and want a green, sustainable mobile phone, up to companies with several hundred people who all want new handsets and contracts to match from an ecologically conscious minded company to supply them.

Check out our selection for business mobiles in Brighton.

Carden Telecoms

Carden Telecoms are there for business mobile phones needs. They service business customers and help them to get some of the best and inexpensive deals possible in Brighton.

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So zoom talk to offer a huge range of services and they go even further than just mobile phones for businesses. Zoom talk and also offer multiple VoiceOver IP solutions (VoIP), fast broadband for your business oh and that’s in addition to 4G for mobile phones, and web hosting.

Xoom talk are definitely a great option and if you go with them, we’ve taken a look at some of their hosting solutions and you can start working with them from £9.95 per month. They also offer office 365 subscriptions so you can also get your business up and running writing documents, excel spreadsheets and pounding out PDFs.

One of the best reasons to choose xoomtalk is because with them you can work from anywhere, they’re always trying to increase their customer satisfaction and communications with their dedicated helpdesk and clear direct advice. They only deal with businesses, so they’re really geared up for helping your business to grow. Why don’t you get in touch with one of their friendly team to get started?

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About Brighton

Brighton is an extremely beautiful seaside town on the south coast of England. Only about An hour  away from London, there are many people who live in Brighton and commute to central London every day. Now in the post covid world and work from home has become a reality, living in Brighton has become even more attractive.

House prices

Regardless of the great business mobile phone offers available in Brighton, you should move here now to get in on this spiralling housing ladder before house prices go even more crazy than they are right now. What you can do is live out in Brighton, which is quieter much more pleasant here on the seaside, with beaches on your doorstep. Then you have those rides, you have those beautiful small alleyway type shops that are there in the lanes and then you can still go to London once a week or a few times a month just to show your face for your in office experience.

If you want to come and live in Brighton, the average price you could expect to pay for a property in Brighton is around £450,000. This isn’t too bad considering the amazing location that you have and of course you will be able to find properties starting from £250,000 that will be amazing at suit all of your needs. If you have a little bit more cash then a house in the region of £700,000 will see you living in luxury and ensuring the high life is lived by you and your family.

Brighton culture

Brighton really does offer the best of every type of culture that you could imagine for you and your family. The football team, Brighton & Hove Albion is even back in the Premier League, and Brighton have a really nice stadium where you can go and watch the best place in the world right on your doorstep. Every year, Brighton hosts an amazing, huge, really bright and wonderful historic inspired and unparalleled Pride celebration.

Brighton pride has to be one of the best pride festivals in the world. Every year people flock to our seaside city and boost its economy by over £20 million every year. So why wouldn’t you want to live here? Or even better, why wouldn’t you want to base your business in such a vibrant and amazing city only a few hours away from central London?

Things to see and do in Brighton

So what exactly is there to see and do in Brighton? If you come and visit our town, you should definitely check these things out. We have an amazing Pier which is really cool and you can go for a walk on it and into the sea. The view from it is really nice, even if it isn’t the biggest or the longest, it’s a really nice part of the seaside here.

There is a Royal Pavilion, you have to pay a little bit of money to get in but it’s a spectacular seaside palace and it was really transformed by John Nash from around 1853 to 1823, making one of the most amazing and exquisitely exotic buildings in the British Isles. It looks like something you might see in India.

A little outside of the city centre, we have Saint Peter’s Church which is a beautiful 800 year-old church. Saint Peters Church is home to many beautiful 14 century wall paintings which you can take a look at if you go and visit there.

Brighton is also home to a lot of amazing galleries like the Phoenix Art Space (right next to Saint Peter’s Church), Metropolis Contemporary Gallery, the Hidden Gallery, the Art5 Gallery and the Attenborough Centre for The Creative Arts is also amazing. If you come to Brighton you are sure to enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of all of these amazing, amazing visitor attractions.

How to get to Brighton

To get to Brighton, you can jump on the train from London Bridge train station and you’ll get here in around an hour. If you go from Gatwick Airport after you’ve flown in from abroad, you can reach Brighton in only half an hour!

If you’ve come in by train from the continent of Europe, you can jump on a direct link straight from the Eurostar station in Saint Pancras. If you come by sea, you can also get to Brighton from the major ports in Dover or Portsmouth. Oh, did we mention Southampton and the local port of Newhaven are also easy places to get to Brighton from?

If you’re travelling within the United Kingdom, an alternative to the train might be the National Express coach network as their coaches come to the city on a regular basis. Travelling by train is definitely the fastest way to get to Brighton from other places in the UK, and is a much greener option than driving or flying.

See you in Brighton!