Carbon Neutral Co-working Spaces

It seems right now that there aren’t any carbon neutral co-working spaces available in London, but if we’re serious about hitting our 2050 carbon targets, we’d better get a move on.

There are currently low-carbon work spaces available, but we have found a few that champion energy efficiency, lowering carbon emissions and recycling. These are things that will help save the planet.

Plans have been submitted for the first net-zero carbon commercial property in London and there are several office buildings that achieved net-zero carbon emission status in 2020.

For now, there aren’t any net-zero, carbon neutral co-working spaces in the capital, but there are a few that come close.

The Green House

The Green House is a managed by The Ethical Property Company, an organisation dedicated to social change. Their building in Bethnal Green, London, has a roof garden and terrace for relaxation, which offers great views of central London, but also has several green, environmentally friendly features.

Their building features a double skin façade to create an acoustic, thermal buffer and natural ventilation. They’ve also installed solar panels on the roof to help offset their non-green energy use. The Green House’s green credentials include the use of passive energy  and reduce unnecessary waste of energy by using daylight linked and absence detection lighting controls.

During the renovation of their building, “over 1,600 tonnes of CO₂ were saved…which is a huge saving compared to traditional forms of construction.” – The Greenhouse Space for Changemakers brochure.

This space sounds absolutely amazing and we’d love to see them go carbon neutral.