Charge Your Mobile Phone Up In Just 2 Seconds

And the best bit is you can do it in the most Eco-friendly manner possible – using your own body motion!  Viber Burst has been designed by Josh Pell, a student at Swinburne University, Australia and it’s just brilliant.
It’s a kinda of colorful pod like thing that you carry on your body that collects all your kinetic motion and stores it for you. When your phone runs flat, you just connect it to your Viber Burst and whoosh your recharged. Nice, it’s only a concept at the moment, but it’s a big thumbs up.  Fashionistas will love that it can double as an accessory for shoes, a bag, a key ring or a piece of innovative jewellery.  Yet its real wonder is its hardiness. It is made from PC/ABS and the internal components are mounted on a flexible PCB. It can be installed to any place that keeps moving; so, if you’re a fitness freak or a crazy clubber or just potter around more leisurely, you’ll be charging your Viber Burst whilst doing what you enjoy; not hanging around waiting for it to do its thing.  No excuses about jogging in the rain or it being hot in clubs: the Viber Burst is super-weather resistant and heat resistant too…
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