Clothes Made From Mobile Phones

One might be forgiven for conjuring up an image of a suit or dress made entirely from mobile phones? Well it’s not quite that, but that’s the theory behind the product. LiveProud an American Company are the brains behind a range of clothes made from eco-friendly and recycled materials.

So what are talking here, a t-shirt or a pair trousers made mobile phones, plastic bottles, music equipment, computers yes. When you consider that almost 80% of plastic ends up in landfills and it can be so damaging, as it can take plastic centuries for it to degrade. So instead of creating all that damage…recycle it, plastic can be re-used up to 6 times, why not use it in a pair of trousers, good thinking.

LiveProuds range of clothes are soft, comfortable and have all the features of normal clothes, UV protection, odor block, antimicrobial protection and when you think that each yard of fabric can use up about 18 post consumer bottles then it’s a top idea indeed.

You won’t be able to make a phone call using your new clothing, but you’ll look good and you’ll be saving the environment. So how has the idea been greeted so far, well they were named America’s best young entrepreneurs by Bloomberg Businessweek and got themselves onto the 100 Brilliant companies list in 2010…not bad for a company using rubbish as an idea.
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