Concept Phones We Wish Could Have Been Green

Conceptual mobile phones don’t seem to be as popular as they were in the days before smartphones, but we hope some concepts can help the push for green technology.

One concept we really liked the idea of at Greenermobiles, was the Nonobject No4 Tarati from back in 2007. You’d actually put your fingers through the actual phone to dial numbers. I guess like buying a diamond ring, you need the right sized phone to fit your fingers? Apart from touching it to hold it, there’s no other physical contact required to use it. Of course, this was before the smartphone with a huge screen for watching videos and browsing the internet.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any actual info about Noobject itself, only third party sources.

Thinking more about this no-touch concept, we like the idea of a concept phone that an be operated without being touched. The next level would be the phone pairing with your mind so you could make calls just by thinking about it. Creepy? Just a bit, but that’s probably where we’re going with technology. Along those lines, there are real-life solutions to help disabled customers use phones more easily.

Back in 2007, NEC had a phone that was known as the Tel-cam which looked kind of like a camcorder with a keypad and screen that twists, allowing you to take selfie videos and pictures. For sure, it would look good and be really useful as a video recording device. For the time, it would have been amazing, but nowadays, iPhone cameras have evolved to a level almost as good as the best camcorders available today. Certainly the iPhone can rival DSLR cameras for picture quality.

Of particular note, is the Nokia 888 concept phone, whose features do actually exist today and from the look of it, the concept has become a reality in part.

Look at that big screen!It looks great for scrolling videos and pictures. Imagine if that phone was out and people were holding it landscape to scroll through Facebook or Twitter?

The way it folds is impressive and is made possible like a liquid battery and a touch screen and touch sensitive body. Today, we do have touch screens, but not liquid batteries as standard. We do love the idea of your phone literally bending to your will and fitting in with your life instead of the other way around.

As reported by Yanko Design, there was an interesting concept phone designed to fit around your ear. An interesting take on a Bluetooth headset, the phone uses a multi-layered polymer to host the electronic components. It would even blend in with your skin and hair like a chameleon.

The LG Flutterphone would have been a really cool phone back in 2010. popping out like a fan to reveal a touch screen, the phone still had keys and perhaps you could even use it to cool yourself off on a hot day?

These concepts are all great and we wish they could come to life as green smartphones. Especially the Nokia 8888, with a liquid battery.

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