Craziest Mobile Phone Concepts

These are the craziest mobile phone concepts we’ve seen over the years.

Swinging Battery Charging Phone

We’ve all heard of the swinging sixties, but a swinging battery?  That’s the plan, instead of all those nasty black cables and chargers left on your table burning the night away, designers Song Teaho and Hyejin Lee have come up with a battery that you can charge up by swinging it around on your finger.

Imagine your done to your last bar on your battery and about to make that all important call and then the screen vanishes completely, we’ve all been there.  Well, with the swing your battery to charge principle, you just put your finger inside the hole and spin it around.  It takes about 130 swings to top it up, which were informed will give you up to 2 minutes of talk time or 25 minutes standby.  It’s only a concept idea at present but it would certainly get you out of jail with being able to make that one last call.

Solar Powered Laptop

This story has nothing to do with eco friendly mobiles, but it’s nice to look at other areas of the electronic goods arena and see what’s going on, and here it is.  Samsung have certainly entered the solar power market with a bang (remember the Samsung Earth green mobile) and are looking at introducing the technology further into their goods portfolio.  Drum roll, the NC215S – that’s a solar powered laptop in layman’s terms.  Running on Windows 7 and coming out in August, with the solar panels in the units lid, Samsung reckons you can get nearly 15 hours out of this baby.

Tekkie stuff is that it has a 10.1, 1024 x 600 display screen, runs on an Atom dual-core processor by Intel, has 1 GB of RAM, a 320 GB drive and it weighs in at 1.3kg.  There are no prices on it yet and don’t be rushing down to your local store to snap on up as for some reason, known only to Samsung but it was only available in Russia. And it looks as though it may be staying there for the foreseeable future.

Sound Powered T-shirt Charger

You’re at a 5 day music festival and what do you think would be most the common problems music goers will face, (don’t include the portaloos)?  Yep you guessed it, can’t find anywhere to charge your phone.  No matter what your mobile phone manufacturer said in their manual, it’s unlikely your mobile is really going to last the 320 hours they say the battery will last on stand-by.

Well those days are gone, thanks to the brains over at Orange mobiles, they’ve come up with the very latest idea in charging up your mobile phone – A noise response technology T-shirt.  So how do they work?

Their made from piezoelectric film which helps to convert the ambient sound waves into an electrical charge via the compression of interlaced quartz crystals.  Once caught, the power is stored the power in a reservoir battery, which you can then use to charge you’re mobile or iPod etc with.

At present the T-shirts are being tested at Glastonbury, with a 170k plus people in attendance there, this is certainly an eco-friendly way to power up your mobile, so no more worries of a dead battery and certainly no more pumping out tonnes of CO2.

Which crazy concept phone would you love to have in your pocket?