Bicycle Powered Mobile Phone Charger

Check out this bicycle powered mobile phone charger from Germany!

What can make more sense than to make your bicycle the hub to powering up your mobile phone whilst on your way to work?

Silverback Starke 1

Well that’s exactly what the German bicycle manufacturer Silverback have gone and done? Silverback have taken the principle of cycling to work and made it a really green option with their new range of Starke 1 and 2 bicycles.

At the heart of their two wheeled design is dynamo technology which provides power to its own generator built into the bike. Then out of the head tube frame is a USB port for that hub powered ride.

So if you fancy something really stylish to power up any low voltage devices that you take into work with you but didn’t plug in the night before? On a nickel alloy frame, weighing in at just 30lbs, one of these babies might just be the answer.

Get on your bike and you’ll be charging up your smartphone with every push of the pedals. Perhaps it’s similar technology Joseph Ascencao decided to use for his round the world trip?