Eco Battery Made Out Of Paper

Coming up with a radical design for an eco-friendly battery may just be the way forward, when you think that some 600 million batteries in the UK alone are resigned to the landfill morgue each year.   Reducing landfill is now a major priority for Governments since driven by EU rules (2007) they are having to reduce the amount of waste going into the ground.
And that’s just what some enterprising company in the US has come up with.  Picture this, your mobile phone powered by paper?  Yep that’s what I thought at first, but Vendum Batteries over in California have come up with a new cellulose based power source made entirely out of paper. Just paper, it’s completely biodegradable, it contains no water so you can freeze it or heat it.  It does away with the need to use toxic chemicals such as lead, chromium, mercury or cadmium or any other dangerous heavy metals which can be used in traditional batteries.  And because its uses cellulose, it means that the design doesn’t depend on Ozone busting solvents in its production. You can twist it, bend, shape it, fold it into pretty much anything you want, which means the traditional battery shape as we know it Jim, could well be on the way out as this new technology means that it help redesign so called norms, from a car door, the frame of a radio, toys, board games, everything using it could take on a completely new look to save save space and CO2 emissions.
Origami fans are going to particularly love this…