Eco Friendly Messenger Phone

They call them Quick Message Phones over in the US of A.  Although little known over here, QMP’s are big business across the Atlantic.  What are they?  They are mobile phones that don’t have the functionality or processing power of a Smartphone, but they still have all the usual stuff of email, internet, messaging and so on.  The best bit is that they often cost a lot less.  The eco-friendly Pantech Renue is one such device which is making a big splash in environmental circles as it’s made from 67 percent recyclable materials. 

The box is made from 95 percent recyclable materials and uses Soy inks so that the advertising boys can do their stuff on the outside. A 3.2 inch screen is all you get for your money but, it’s a capacitive touchscreen display with a four-row slide-out QWERTY keyboard for those that like to spell things proparly?  Under its eco recycled shell Qualcomm’s BREW MP software drives it all.

And get this, for those that like to wear combat trousers in the office, the Pantech Renue comes with 810G militarised spec rating for resistance to sand, extremes, temperatures, humidity, solar radiation and vibration!