EE Turns On 5G In Brighton

EE have turned on 5G in Brighton and the seaside town is now officially live on their 5G mobile phone network.

5G Brighton pier

Joining 34 other towns across the country, including Worcester, Blackburn and Southport, Brighton are now hooked up to the latest spectrum of the UK’s radio communications network. This announcement has come at a great time, since we can expect a summer of domestic tourism given the continued presence of COVID-19. We’ll now all be able to share beach snaps from Brighton’s pier or even make video calls right from the beach. Learn more about what 5G is and why it’s great for our mobile network.

Say goodbye to slow connections, Brighton the future is here!

“We’ve switched on 5G in 35 new places, bringing the total to 160 UK towns and cities. Once reopened, our customers can enjoy the increased capacity and faster speeds of our 5G network in iconic seaside locations including Brighton Pier, Paignton Sands and Swansea Bay, as well as popular city attractions, such as York Museum Gardens or around the V&A museum in Dundee. In fact, 75% of the top 20 towns and cities for domestic tourism now have 5G on EE, to support a better getaway for customers,” said Marc Allera, CEO, BT Consumer Division

What will you do with your 5G connection this summer?