Eight Ways to Save a Waterlogged Phone

We’ve all been there at some time or the other and needed to know how to save a mobile phone that has been submerged in water. So your precious phone is now wetter than Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, but what can you do about it? Don’t panic, just follow these eight ways to save a waterlogged phone.

  1. Grab it from its potentially watery grave STAT and switch it off.  If it’s on, it may short-circuit and ruin your chances of salvaging it;
  2. If it’s been in water, DO NOT PLUG YOUR MOBILE INTO A WALL SOCKET to charge up the battery or for any other reason;
  3. Remove the SIM card, or any other cards, storage, peripherals etc;
  4. Do not blow dry it, or stick it back in water;
  5. Don’t take it apart if you don’t know what you’re doing;
  6. Take your phone to a qualified repair person and allow them to break the heart-breaking news – or not!
  7. Absolutely DO NOT lie to your network or insurance provider! There are internal indicators that show if a mobile phone has been in water;
  8. Put the phone in a bag of rice for a day or two. You won’t be able to use it for a while, but there’s a good chance you’ll save the phone. Pop your sim card in an older backup phone for the time being.

So those are the eight ways to resurrect your water damaged smartphone. One way to avoid the stress of having a water damaged phone is to always back up your data. Annoying as it is, those extra money-per month notifications that mobile companies keep sending you when your storage is full just might save those invaluable pictures of you as a backup. Our phones are now worth much more than the money they cost us, they also store out most previous memories.

Apps like the easus.com EaseUS MobiSaver For Android 5.0 are a great way to backup and restore the data on your smartphone. Anything could happen and solutions like this are great not only for water damage, but also accidentally deleting your data, if you get a virus, or even just when there’s a problem with your device’s hardware or something.

Don’t forget the best way to save your phone from water damage is to do your best not to let it get water damaged in the first place! Sometimes we can’t avoid destroying our phones no matter how hard we try and for those occasions, there’s always mobile phone insurance.

Good luck!